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Outlander fan left in stitches after passengers on flight home from Scotland tune in to slew of Sam Heughan programming

AN OUTLANDER fan was left in stitches after the passengers on her flight home from Scotland tuned into a slew of different programming featuring Sam Heughan.

Mary Galbraith had been attending an Outlander conference in Glasgow last month as part of her three-week trip to Scotland.

The 76-year-old professor was jetting back home to La Mesa, California on Sunday, when she was taken aback upon spotting her favourite Scots celebrity on the screen of every passenger.

Hilarious footage shows numerous passengers, sat in their allocated seats, watching the built-in TV screens – almost all of which show Heughan in some way, shape or form.

Passengers in the aisles in front also appear to be enjoying the heartthrob’s performance as various screens can be seen flashing from further down the aircraft.

The camera slowly pans across the plane, revealing one person appearing to be watching Heughan perform as his character Jamie Fraser in Outlander.

The camera then moves on to show another passenger watching a documentary featuring Heughan.

The clip then moves further along to show yet another passenger watching Heughan in Love Again, which was released in May this year and features actress Sofia Vergara.

Mary took to social media on Sunday, to share the hilarious footage, writing: “I flew home today after three weeks in Scotland and here’s what I saw from my seat on the plane”.

The post received over 470 likes and dozens of comments from fellow fans left in stitches by Heughan’s outright rule over the aircraft’s TV schedule.

One person wrote: “Those people have good taste.”

Mary Galbraith.
Many Outlander fans got a good chuckle from seeing the video. (C) Mary Galbraith

Another said: “This is awesome. Sam would be so proud.”

A third commented: “A pleasant surprise and coincidence, indeed.”

Another added: “Fantastic, introducing even more people to the greatness of Sam Heughan.”

A fifth wrote: “Oh, Love Again is always a good choice.”

Another said: “Fantastic! He’s everywhere.”

Speaking to Mary today, she said: “I was flying from Heathrow to San Diego. Long flight!

“Well, one of the screens was mine. and I happened to look at the two screens closest to me and they were both showing Love Again also, so I videoed them.

“I was really pleased to see it, since I am a huge Sam Heughan fan. In fact, my trip to Scotland was to present a paper at the first academic conference (at the University of Glasgow) devoted to Outlander.

“The plenary speakers were Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, as well as authorities on Culloden.

Mary Galbraith and Sam Heughan.
Pictured: Mary Galbraith meeting Sam Heughan. (C) Mary Heughan/Twitter.

“After the conference in Glasgow, I went to Inverness, Orkney, Glencoe, Skye and Edinburgh. What an amazing country you have!”

Outlander is a hit TV show set in the Scottish Highlands featuring Heughan and co-star Caitríona Balfe who play star-crossed lovers Jamie and Claire Fraser, respectively.

The pair meet after nurse Claire time travels from the 1940s to 1743, where she is soon drawn into the Jacobite’s rebellion and the arms of Jamie.

The show recently released its seventh season and has now been renewed for an eighth, in which the globally-renowned show will conclude.

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