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Apprentice star Thomas Skinner shares hilarious new “BOSH” personalised number plate

THE Apprentice star Thomas Skinner has shared snaps of his hilarious new personalised number plate featuring his signature catchphrase “BOSH”.

The 32-year-old businessman rose to fame following his appearance on fifteenth series of The Apprentice in 2019 where he became a fan favourite thanks to his Cockney accent and personality.

During his appearance on the show, wheeler-dealer Skinner also coined his own catchphrase – signing off most posts, speeches and celebrations with the proclamation: “Bosh!”

Thomas Skinner next to his personalised "Bosh" number plate
Thomas Skinner next to his personalised “Bosh” number plate. Credits: Thomas Skinner/X

Now Skinner, from Romford, East London, has proudly shared his most recent purchase in dedication to his long-running catchphrase.

An image shows Skinner posing beside his silver Mercedes-Benz SL Class convertible with son Henry, 2, standing in the passenger seats.

A beaming Skinner points at the number plate stuck on the front of his motor, which hilariously reads: “A BO5H”.

Skinner shared the snap to social media yesterday with the caption: “The number plate ‘A BO5H’ came up on the DVLA auction the other week and I was 100% not letting anyone else buy it.

“The paperwork has finally got to me. I’ve put it on one of my favourite cars in my little collection, my old Mercedes SL.

“I like to call her the pub cruiser, because she basically cruises to the pub with the roof down and then stays there until I pick her up again. Bosh.”

The post has since received over 9,500 likes and more than 170 comments from users left in stitches.

One user wrote: “That’s a belter that plate.”

Another commented: “Lovely, lovely car.”

A third said: “Nice car. Plate spacing will get you pulled by dibble though fella.”

Another replied: “That is priceless and brilliant. A Bosh.”

Despite being fired by Sir Alan Sugar in the eighth week of The Apprentice, Skinner has remained in the limelight with appearances on TV shows including 8 Out of 10 Cats and Celebrity MasterChef.

He has also gained a large following online thanks to his near-daily videos detailing his large and unusual breakfasts such as Christmas dinner and lasagne.

Usually eating at Dino’s Cafe in New Spitalfields Market, East London, Skinner typically announces his breakfast alongside a motivational speech for his followers – and signs off with “bosh”.

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