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Heartwarming photo shows disabled dog keeping eye out for Loch Ness Monster in pose amid stunning Scots scenery

A HEARTWARMING photo shows a disabled dog posing in front of the iconic Scottish backdrop of Loch Ness amid a hunt for Nessie.

Vanessa Scott had headed up to the shores of the loch with her family last week on a two-week holiday, bringing their pooch Pip along with them.

The 58-year-old’s Jack Russell was tragically hit by a car seven years ago, which left him disabled and unable to use his rear legs.

Pip looking at Loch Ness.
Pip looking at Loch Ness. Credits: Vanessa Scott

However, after Vanessa, from Duns, Scottish Borders, opted to buy him a set of wheels, 12-year-old Pip has never looked back, and joined in the loch-wide hunt for the Loch Ness Monster at the weekend.

A photo snapped by Vanessa whilst wandering round the loch’s shores shows Pip sitting atop a tree stump, with his hind legs supported by his wheels.

The black and white pooch looks out onto the gorgeous waters of the loch and the rolling hills behind it, with a cloud dipping low and gracing the tops of the trees, creating a serene scene.

Vanessa shared the picture to social media on Sunday with the caption: “Pip my [Jack Russell] looking for the Loch Ness Monster. Photo taken on Loch Ness shores.”

The snap has since received over 2,200 likes and dozens of comments from users who had their heart melted by the happy pooch.

One user wrote: “Aw love ya wheels buddy.”

Another said: “He’s a perfect lookout.”

A third commented: “Nowt gets past a terrier (sic).”

Another replied: “Aw the wee man’s in wheels.”

Vanessa Scott and husband Malc, 62, with Pip (R) and their other dog Miya.

Speaking today Vanessa said: “Pip has been in his wheels for seven years now and nothing stops him.

“Were staying at Loch Ness shores camping and caravan site. We leave on Friday after two lovely weeks here.

“The hunt for Nessie was on at the weekend as you know, so we thought taking Pips photo looking for Nessie was brilliant. We love the photo too.

“We adopted Pip when he was five. He had his accident soon after.

“Pip was hit by a car, he seemed okay at the time but his back legs went down over night. We saw our regular vet who couldn’t do anything for him and advised putting him to sleep.

“We couldn’t do that so we went to super vet Noel Fitzpatrick where sadly they could do nothing for him either.

“That’s when we decided to buy him wheels to give him the best chance and he simply loves life and has never allowed his disability to hold him back.

“He’s a little superstar when we go out. He didn’t take long to adapt, a few weeks then he was like a little rocket once he got his confidence.

“Pip is a funny little boy, he’s very gentle but mad as a box of frogs. He loves his humans and kids.

“I can’t really believe it got so many likes to be honest. But it’s wonderful to show people that just because he’s disabled you don’t need to give up on them.”

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