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Social media users left shocked as Scots mum reveals contents of famous Baby Box

SOCIAL media users have been left shocked after a Scots mum revealed the contents of the famous Baby Box gifted to all expecting families of babies born in Scotland.

Rachel Clenaghan is currently 36 weeks pregnant with her second child, and received her expected box from the Scottish Government through the post on Wednesday.

The Scottish Government introduced the initiative in 2017, sending a box packed with supplies and essential items to help ensure babies in the country get the “best start in life“.

Rachel, from Dundee, decided to share the generous contents of her second care package online – prompting a slew of envious replies from users overseas.

The video begins with Rachel prizing open the cardboard box with scissors, as on-screen text reads: “Unbox my Scottish Baby Box with me at 36 weeks pregnant.”

Rachel explains: “Today we received our Scottish Baby Box, which every family in Scotland is entitled to when they are expecting a baby and it is free from the Scottish Government.

“So, I thought I would unbox it with you guys and show you what came inside.”

The large white box can be seen featuring drawings which are intended to be coloured in, which Rachel expands on.

She says: “The actual box itself comes beautifully illustrated and I think the whole point is so that the younger family can decorate it for the new arrival.

“Or, in my case I might actually go and get my colouring pens out and do it myself because that is just so tempting to colour in.”

Rachel then pops the box open to reveal well-packed layers of supplies and items to help mums and dads along on the start of their journey.

Rachel continues: “The point in the box is so that every baby has got the same start in life and the actual box itself is made so that a baby can actually sleep in it.

“Inside included an envelope on how to breastfeed, hand express for colostrum, safe sleep, a gorgeous wee poem and then a voucher for reusable nappies which is new because I didn’t get that with Junior.

“It also included some bits for mum, so some maternity pads and breast pads which I just think is such a lovely touch.”

All the contents inside the envelope offer mums an informative and detailed step-by-step guide to different aspects of motherhood, through useful graphics and drawings.

Rachel then reveals the baby’s side of things, with playmats, books and toys abound.

She continues: “There is a gorgeous play mat, which is absolutely massive by the way, and a tummy time book which wasn’t included last time either and I think that’s absolutely brilliant.

“There’s a lovely wee book to share and then something to go on the car seat or the pram, a teething toy and then this thermometer which we used through our whole time with Junior.

“Then a bath and a room thermometer which comes in handy. It also comes with some essential bits like a sponge, toothbrush and some nail files for your baby.”

Rachel then pulls out a giraffe-themed baby blanket as she quips: “If you’re from Scotland you know this baby comfort because they’re always on Facebook saying that they’ve gone missing and that they’re desperate to get them back.

“There’s a travel changing mat which comes in handy – this was the best thing and it’s a baby wrap, I used this though my whole newborn stage of Junior, it was absolutely brilliant.

“They give you an amazing selection of vests, long sleeves and short sleeves from newborn 0-3 months and 3-6 months as well, along with a couple of sleepsuits and then these romper-style outfits as well.

“Just a couple of pair lf grey leggings, so it’s all unisex and then this gorgeous cosy jacket.

“There’s also a bunch of essential baby accessories, so a hat, bib, muslin squares, mittens and then some socks. Some condoms as well and then a nice hooded towel.

“A cellular blanket for your baby is very similar to the one you get in the hospital and then two fitted sheets because it also gives you a mattress that goes inside the box that you can use as a bed.

“The fact that they even give you this mattress is brilliant.

“Honestly, I can’t believe we’re so lucky to receive something like this, I feel like it should be available everywhere.”

Rachel uploaded the video to social media on Wednesday with the caption: “So amazing we get all this it helps out lots.”

The clip has since received over 470,000 likes and more than 5,800 comments from users left stunned by the countless contents of the box.

One user wrote: “Not the American baby box search being parents dropping their kids off at a fire station.”

Another commented: “Free baby box, free prescriptions, free school meals, free university, only in Scotland.”

A third wrote: “I absolutely adore that every parent gets a baby box regardless of socioeconomic status.”

Another said: “I actually don’t mind paying higher taxes in Scotland for things like this.”

A supplier of the Baby Box replied: “We love being a part of Scotland’s Baby Box scheme. Every mum is so lucky to get this.”

Speaking today Rachel said: “This is the second one I received as I got one with my son, but it’s been updated so was still exciting to receive it.

“To get one, your midwife gives you a leaflet which has a stamp on it from your hospital to prove your pregnancy – this was given to me around the 24-week mark.

“You have to fill it out with your name, address and due date then the leaflet has free postage on it which you just pop in a letter box.”

NHS Scotland explain: “Every newborn baby born and living in Scotland can get a Baby Box.

“When you’re about 20 to 24 weeks pregnant, your midwife will fill in a Baby Box registration card with you at your regular antenatal appointment.

“You will receive your Baby Box about 4 weeks before your baby’s due date.

“Your Baby Box will be delivered to the preferred delivery address that you put on your registration card.

“You will get a text, an email or a letter a week before the delivery so that you will know the day the box will be arriving. Then on the day, you will get a time slot so you will know exactly when it’s coming.”

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